Zion by T. Austin-Sparks

Reading: Psalm 132.

We will continue our contemplation of Zion. [Unfortunately we do not have the previous message]. We know now what Zion stands for. We will just proceed to interpret some more features of Zion, some of those things which bring us into a very real, living and active, and responsible relationship with Zion, with the Lord in Zion.

When we read passages such as those that we have just read and Psalm 48, in all these references both in the psalms and in the prophets to Zion, there is one thing which becomes very clear. It is a feature which embraces almost everything else, and which stands as governing the whole position. We may call it the supreme element in relationship to Zion. It is that the Lord is the ultimate feature in Zion. I use the word ‘ultimate’ there not as being in the sense of the end, of course, but as being behind everything else when you have worked your way back of everything which lies nearer the surface. There may be a heap of things which meet you first, but when you have got right through all this, you come to the Lord, you reach the Lord; the Lord is the feature of Zion. You must not allow the word ‘Zion’ to give you such mental pictures as to take away that which we are after.

We have to be helped by the Word in these things and the Old Testament does help us get to the New Testament things. When we speak of Zion, it means that people which represent His full intention and desire, and when you get behind everything else in relation to that people, whatever it is that may circle round and meet you on the outward side, you find the Lord. The Lord is the ultimate feature in relation to that people expressing Him in that fuller way. As we read all these passages, the one thing behind all else is the Lord. You may have many forces playing on Zion, many elements, many conflicting things, many things which are real and many things which are not real, but imaginary and seeming. But the one fact that stands behind is that Zion is no mere idea or hypothesis; it is bound up with God, and God is bound up with Zion. And when you have cleared up everything that can be cleared up, you come to God in relation to a people expressing His mind in fullness – you find that you are dealing with God.